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013 Mental Health Connections Part 2: Psychology Discussion Wrap-Up and Mindful Reflections This is a two-part episode. In part 2, Holly and Tabby wrap up their discussion on the psychology of the slaughterhouse worker by exploring psychological strategies like “cognitive dissonance” as demonstrated by the famously controversial “Stanford Prison Experiment.” The hosts reflect on how plant-based lifestyles can influence and enhance one’s ability to practice mindfulness.Continue reading “013 Mental Health Connections Part 2: Psychology Discussion Wrap-Up and Mindful Reflections”

Show Guests Wanted

We are seeking guests to join us on our show; we are seeking guests who can speak to the following topics as they relate to the plant-based community: Animal guardianship Animal welfare Social justice Horsemanship LGBTQ+ equity Lifestyle Mental health Nutrition Physical health Racial equity Raising plant-based children Social justice Wellness Other topics that mightContinue reading “Show Guests Wanted”

Part 1 COVID-19 Minisode Series This minisode series captures a conversation between PBN hosts, Holly and Tabby as they discuss their living life through a “new normal.” Between the panic shopping and self-quarantine, the ladies offer advice on different ways one can cope during this stressful time.  Be sure to rate, review, and subscribe to the show. We areContinue reading “Part 1 COVID-19 Minisode Series”