Show Guests Wanted

We are seeking guests to join us on our show; we are seeking guests who can speak to the following topics as they relate to the plant-based community: Animal guardianship Animal welfare Social justice Horsemanship LGBTQ+ equity Lifestyle Mental health Nutrition Physical health Racial equity Raising plant-based children Social justice Wellness Other topics that mightContinue reading “Show Guests Wanted”

013 Part 1 Mental Health Connections This is a two-part episode. In part 1, Holly and Tabby discuss the consequences that workers and communities face when working in a slaughterhouse. The ladies explore what happens, psychologically, to a person that works in a slaughterhouse. Be sure to rate, review, and subscribe to the show. Reach out to us @plant_based_nation andContinue reading “013 Part 1 Mental Health Connections”

Ep.08 Plant-Based Pet Food, what’s this about?

The ethics of feeding mainstream vs alternative foods to our beloved cats and dogs remains an ongoing debate within the plant-based community. Tabby introduces several points made by experts in animal welfare and veterinary medicine.

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