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Show Notes

Check out article credits, links to products and animal rescues below. This table is organized by season and episode. Questions? Reach out to us!

Episode Links

EpisodeNews GrabSwitch OutSanctuary Spotlight
01H: Dairy cow in-breeding
T: California Fur-ban, new law, opinions, more opinions, types of traps
Ethique shampoo bars;
eco-friendly faux fur companies
02T: Cities and climate change;
H: Brazil, a nation divided
Tevra dental floss;
Force of Nature
Marty’s Place
03H: Nuclear waste on the Marshall Islands;
T: Vegaphobia
Moo Shoes;
Grove Collaborative
Catsbury Park
04H: Reduce consumption to reduce wasteElla+Mila;
Episodes Recorded in 2019
EpisodeNews GrabSwitch Out
05T: labeling legislation in VirginiaT: Gardein
06H: dairy cows are not happy cowsT: Justin’s
07T: The Veganuary Experiment,
The New Statesman (print)
January 04, 2020 issue.
T: Wowe
08T: BBC talks plant-based pet food, 4D meat, FDA compliance policy, Obligate CarnivoreT: The Dirty Lamb
H: N/A
Episodes Recorded in 2020

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