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Meet the Team

The idea for PBN came to Tabby one day while she was stewing over the climate crisis, Western consumerism, and the social divisions that surround animal, environment, and social ethics. Tabby shared her ideas about PBN to Holly, one of her most trusted confidants. After much conversing via phone, many text messages, and several brainstorm exchanges, it was decided that PBN should become a reality. Holly and Tabby met as graduate students, and they each earned master’s degrees in anthropology. Holly and Tabby share interests in cultural anthropology, food ways, ethics, mindful consumerism and archaeology.

Founders of the Plant-Based Nation podcast


Co-host, Producer

Hello, I’m Tabby! I consider myself a reformed fast-food junkie, born and raised in rural Virginia. I have lived a plant-based lifestyle since January of 2014. I am a self-proclaimed vegan but my level of “vegan-ness” is often challenged by many (usually due to my views on horsemanship and companion animal guardianship- more on this in future episodes). In MY perfect world, everyone would embrace veganism! However, I realize that massive cultural change rarely happens overnight. Instead of stewing over this, I choose to offer support to those interested in learning more about veganism. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, leash-walking the fur babies, reading, and trying new plant-based recipes.

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Co-host, Marketing

My name is Holly Baldwin, welcome to our pod page! I’m so excited to be promoting sustainable goals, and hopefully providing a little entertainment along the way I’m probably the one commenting back on your likes and comments on the gram (we love you for those!). I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, run around with my two year old son and our 12 lbs. English Lop house rabbit, and am proprietor of Mid-Shore Money School, where I teach financial literacy, and Harmonious Home by Holly, through which I offer home organizing services. I love finding new “switch outs” for more sustainable and eco-friendly products. Hope you enjoy the show half as much as we love making it! 

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Personal AssistantsTeam Leads


Content Critic

I like naps, leash-walks, checking the perimeter for invaders, and watching the birds. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll hear me make a cameo appearance on one of the episodes. I hang out during business meetings and grumble during conference calls.


Morale Booster

I appreciate all the little moments in life, including business meetings on the patio with Tabby and Holly. I am here to cheer on the ladies through their work. I think what they’re doing is pretty neat and I’m excited to see what they’ll think of next!


Fruit & Veggie Quality Control

As the only Lagomorph on the team, I provide a unique, and cozy perspective for the show. You can find me lounging in Holly’s apartment, most often in the tent she clearly purchased just for me, (and definitely not for my human brother.)

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