COVID-19 changes nothing for us

The original plan was that I would come in and write an “about Willowbrook Farms” post – but sadly, things were kinda thrown up in the air with the COVID-19 situation our world is facing. So perhaps a look at what we, as a sanctuary, are facing with the pandemic is more in order.

Lessons from an Anthropology Classroom: How a Plant-Rich Lifestyle Can Reverse Global Warming

I survey my class early in the semester and ask, “What can we do to ‘go green’?” “Turn the lights off.” “Take public transportation.” “Install low-flow fixtures.” “Don’t let the car idle.” “Buy a metal straw.” These are noble enviro-mantras, and things we should be conscientious about, but are their impacts enough—even collectively—to address the scale of environmental problems at hand right now?

A vegan vet on plant-based diets for dogs and cats.

“… only around 10-15% of cats can’t fully make the transition due to this ailment, and in this case we can always combine a 50% of meat-based food with a 50% of vegan food.” – Dr. Armaiti May

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