Affiliate Discounts

Each of the products listed below offer awesome discounts to our PBNPod fanbase. Use the link and the promo codes below and start making more mindful choices as consumers!

Force of Nature Clean

Cruelty-free, CDC approved to combat COVID-19

Try out this eco-friendly cleaner today. Plant-Based Nation podcast listeners will receive 50% off their starter kit when they use promo code: THEBIGSALE

Kinder Beauty Box


Each month, get up to $165 of Clean, Vegan & Cruelty-Free beauty products for as low as $25. Use promo code BEKINDER to receive a bonus item with your first box today!

Wild Earth

100% vegan, cruelty-free, 31% protein

This dog food exceeds AAFCO dietary guidelines and is known to be a fabulous choice for dogs that struggle with allergies. Wild Earth guarantees a full refund after 30 days if your dog doesn’t love it. Save 10% with every order when you sign up for a subscription, cancel at anytime, enjoy free shipping and a flexible delivery schedule.

For a limited time only, enjoy 50% off of your first subscription order when you shop our affiliate link below.

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